Our Culture

Our Name

Atticus Franchise Group was named after Atticus Finch, in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Atticus, who was a lawyer, was respected and admired by his peers for being fair, flexible and steadfastly honest. When faced with tough decisions, he exemplified penetrating intelligence, calm wisdom, exemplary behavior, and absolute consistency. Atticus represents morality, reason, positivity, and brings out the best in other people. Atticus Franchise Group’s investment style, core values, and business philosophy are meant to exemplify the traits and qualities that Atticus Finch embodied throughout the novel.

Atticus Core Values

Integrity – ATTICUS is open, honest, direct and trustworthy

Commitment – ATTICUS is committed to working hard with a high sense of urgency for our customers

Improvement – ATTICUS continually seeks to identify and implement better and best practices. We strive for continual improvement daily within our organization.

Communication – ATTICUS seeks and provides timely, effective and accurate communications

Accountability – ATTICUS holds ourselves and team members accountable for results.

Gratitude – Our customers have a choice and we are grateful they chose our Maaco location! “Never Delay Gratitude”

Discipline – We have a disciplined approach to ensure we do not let our team members down, we do not waiver from the core values, we arrive early to prepare for the day, and we execute on the proven game plan every day

Teamwork – There is no “I” in team; there is no job above any member of the team and WE can accomplish more if we work together as a core unit!